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Christian M. Reu
Christian Reu was born in 1965 in Schwabach, Germany. He learned to play guitar with 16 years. Soon he began to write his own songs influenced by folk artists like Bob Dylan or the early Bruce Springsteen. His passion always belonged to the steel string guitar but at some point he was tired just to accompany his own songs. So he learned to play classical guitar with 25.

At the beginning of the nineties he came in touch with Irish guitar music in open tunings and concentrated himself exclusively on this style of playing on the acoustic guitar. Especially English guitar wizard Martin Simpson influenced his playing a lot. Workshops with Peter Finger in 1996 and with Werner Lämmerhirt one year later inspired Christian to compose solo pieces in open tunings. (*)
In 1998 Christian recorded a demo CD entitled “Celtic Blue Soul”. This CD was published by himself only in a small quantity. During a workshop in the same year Peter Finger offered Christian to produce two pieces for a CD with other German acoustic guitar players. This sampler was published on Peter Finger’s label Acoustic Music Records in 1999 and was entitled “Acoustic Guitar – Made in Germany”. Here is a quotation from the liner notes of the booklet:

“Reu’s musical roots can be clearly found in celtic realms, there’s no doubt about it after having listened to his two tracks on this CD. A Scottish medley and a Celtic dance dedicated to his lively niece Marisa are not only bullet-proof evidence for his musical preferences but also for his remarkable talent for the steelstring guitar."

In February 2001 the recordings for Christian’s first CD “Return to Ireland” with own compositions and arrangements of traditional pieces began. The tuning DADGAD plays a very important role in Celtic guitar music and on Christian’s CD. Christian’s repertoire consists not only of celtic music. He also plays an arrangement of famous Norwegian fiddle player Annbjørg Lien. The CD was digitally recorded at home and was mixed and premastered at RB-Sound Studio in Wendelstein near Nuremberg. Roland Breinbauer had published this album in spring 2002 on his label Top Delta Production.

Christian`s new CD "Northbound" was published in 2006.

(*) the strings will be tuned in a way that they form an open chord