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Blanchard Sequoia Custom Gitarre
I would like to tell you some details about my guitars. On the right you see a photo of Mark, building my “darling” (the Sequoia model).

LINK-TIPP: Blanchardguitars - Great guitar builder from Montana who built the instrument I use on most of my CDs. 

Volkert-Guitars - Jürgen Volkert from Lauf near Nuremberg built me a baritone guitar I play on two tracks of my CD.

Blanchard Sequoia Custom Gitarre
Blanchard Sequoia Custom Guitar

This guitar was built by Mark Blanchard an immensely talented builder from Montana.

It was finished in December 1999.

The top wood is sitka spruce, back and sides are made from curly claro walnut.

The action is relatively high but it has to be because I tune the guitar very low.

The guitar tuning CGCGCD (Csus2) which I learned from Martin Simpson is no problem to execute on my guitar.

Baritone guitar

This is the baritone guitar I used on two tracks of my CD „Sights of Northumbria“ and „The Mermaid“.

The guitar was finished in May 2001 by the German luthier Jürgen Volkert - his workshop is in Lauf near Nuremberg.

It has a very long scale of 72 cm (28.3 inches) and can be tuned a fourth or even fifth lower..

The top wood is German spruce, back & sides are from Bolivian rosewoodThe heavy strings are maybe the right thing for bass players but guitarists can be very frustrated. Here are the string gauges: .80 (low E-string), .60 (A), .45 (D), .35 (G), .24 (h) und .018 (high e). But when you get accustomed to the heavy strings then your reward is an exceptional volume and sound quality which is ideal for Irish slow airs.